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Kate Stone

Department of Linguistics

University of Potsdam

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About me

I am a psycholinguist in the Vasishth Lab and the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. My interest is in predictive processing and what this tells us about how words are stored and accessed in the brain. More generally, I am interested in how different fields such as neuroscience, computer science and linguistics can inform each other to build comprehensive theories of human cognition.

Research keywords: Predictive sentence processing, ERP, visual world, eye tracking, statistical methods, open science


PhD Cognitive Science (University of Potsdam, Germany), MSc Experimental Linguistics (University of Potsdam, Germany), BA Linguistics (University of Melbourne, Australia), B.Behavioural Neuroscience (Monash University, Australia)


Stone, K., Veríssimo, J., Schad, D., Oltrogge, E., Vasishth, S., & Lago, S. (submitted) The interaction of grammatically distinct agreement dependencies in predictive processing. preprint

Stone, K., Nicenboim, B., Vasishth, S., & Rösler, F. (Stage 1 RR accepted) Understanding the effects of constraint and predictability in ERP. Neurobiology of Language.

Stone, K., von der Malsburg, T., & Vasishth, S. (2020) The effect of decay and lexical uncertainty on processing long-distance dependencies in reading. PeerJ. paper code

Stone, K., Lago, S., & Schad, D. (2020) Divergence point analyses of visual world data: applications to bilingual research. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. paper code

Conference contributions

Lago, S., Oltrogge, E., & Stone, K. (2020) Are native and non-native speakers differentially sensitive to agreement attraction? Poster presented at AMLaP in Potsdam, Germany, September 4, 2020. poster

Stone, K., Oltrogge, E., Vasishth, S. & Lago, S. (2020) The real-time application of grammatical constraints to prediction: Timecourse evidence from eye tracking. Talk presented at CUNY in Amherst, USA, March 20, 2020. slides

Stone, K., Vasishth, S. & von der Malsburg, T. (2020) Contextual constraint and the frontal post-N400 positivity: A large-sample, pre-registered ERP study. Poster presented at CUNY in Amherst, USA, March 20, 2020. poster

Stone, K. & Lago, S. (2020) Individual variability in the timecourse of predictions. Talk presented at DGfS in Hamburg, Germany, March 4, 2020. slides

Stone, K. & Lago, S. (2019) L1 influence in L2 gender predictions: A visual world study. Poster presented at ESCoP in Tenerife, Spain, September 26, 2019. poster

Stone, K., Vasishth, S. & von der Malsburg, T. (2019) Comprehenders generate long-distance predictions during reading: ERP evidence from verb particle constructions. Talk presented at PIPP in Reykjavik, Iceland, June 19-20, 2019. slides

Stone, K., Vasishth, S. & von der Malsburg, T. (2019) ERP evidence for long-distance lexical predictions in German particle verb constructions. Poster presented at CUNY in Boulder, USA, March 29-31, 2019. poster

Stone, K., Vasishth, S. & von der Malsburg, T. (2018) Expectations and prediction in sentence processing: German particle verbs as a test case. Poster presented at CUNY in Davis, USA, March 15-17, 2018. poster

Stone, K., Mertzen, D. & Vasishth, S. (2017) Verb particle predictability determines the facilitation effect of pre-particle material. Poster presented at Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP) in Lancaster, UK, September 7-9, 2017. poster

Stone, K., Jessen, A. & Clahsen, H. (2016) Delayed versus immediate production: ERP studies of verb morphology. Poster presented at the International Workshop on Language Production in San Diego, USA, July 25-27, 2016.


Idealab Summer School 2018 - Introduction to R and statistics. Potsdam University, Germany.

Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis WS17/18 (Teaching Assistant). Potsdam University, Germany.

Idealab Summer School 2017 - Introduction to R and statistics. Potsdam University, Germany.